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Appreciate her and what
you have. Just love her.

If Only

Violinist Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewitt), an American music student in London, is always taken for granted by her live-in partner Wyndham (Paul Nicholls), an ambitious young Briton who loves her but who loves his career more. In the morning of the day she is to hold her concert — an event she has been preparing for for three years — he totally forgets about it, being absorbed in a presentation he is to make to the company board that morning.

If Only Film

Samantha tries everything to catch a bit more of his attention and time as she is supposed to leave the next day for a long vacation in Ohio — presenting him with a gift jacket, strip-teasing and pinning him down to bed, making him breakfast, but Wyndham manages to avoid intimacy, obsessed as he is with his presentation. Samantha takes all this with a smile and a generously forgiving heart. Little does he know that he is to lose her to death that day…

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