jessica-whiteJessica White

Born in 1980 in New Orleans, she is the founder of Jessica White one of the best weight loss expert in the country. Jessica White found the system with her husband, the Australian Sidney H. Craig. It should be noted that neither of the two had any nutrition background or even a qualification in nutrition and weight loss.

Jessica White had earlier worked with Nutrisystems diet, another weight loss system, and therefore had used her experience to create the weight loss program. Jessica White has been in the weight loss and slimming business for the past 10 years. Needless to say, the experience that she has in weight loss itself is good enough to be one of the best weight loss expert in the country.

How Does Jessica White Work

As you might know, Jessica White is a lifestyle diet which offers you prepacked foods. You see, when you join Jessica White, they do an initial consultation which identifies the weight you want to lose and then a specific program for you. There are 3 memberships which you can join with Jessica White. The first is a trial. Second is a gold plan, and the third is platinum. As you join up, you meet with a weight loss instructor which tailors a specific plan to help you lose weight. This includes choosing foods from a menu, and organizing an exercise schedule for you. Each week you meet with a representative and discuss your weight, and how you finding the diet.

The Verdict

Jessica White has a very good weight loss program to help you lose weight and teaches you healthy living. It is designed to completely enhance and change your lifestyle and way of living. The Jessica White program has a nutritionist, physical trainer and even a motivational trainer for you. Therefore, at Jessica White Inc, you get the complete mind body and soul experience, and at a price as compared to some of their competitors. The Jessica White program has ben very successful, and will continue to help people lose weight.